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Barbra: Hilda

Joan, Hope all is going well. There are days I would just like to come to the country to visit. If you ever want to see Hilda in person, just let me know. Bill, who said we didn't need another dog, is just in love with her. He goes on and on about what a great dog she is ... she is so sweet and just wants to be loved. She has the Dane lean down pat. We know you have done a great job with your breeding program. Every possible concern the vet has you have overcome. She hears well even though she has blue eyes. He keeps asking how big her parents are. We've described your facilities to him, and he seems impressed. It's impossible to get a good picture of her, because she just won't hold still. But below are a few of our efforts. At four months, she is 50 pounds. One question I have is how do you distinguish between a merle and a harlequin? On one visit the vet said she looks more merle, but later he said she looks more like a harlequin. We think she's beautiful, so who cares. Thanks, Barbara

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