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Canada- Danielle Gauthier & Pierre Guénette: Velvet


Hello Joan,
We are sending you enclosed a few pictures of our new baby girl which we named "Velvet".
We are a bit late getting back to you but we had a problem with our computer and now everything is back to normal.
First of all we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to buy such a nice girl which we are very proud to add to our family.
Second, this is our 5th Great Dane and she is the most easiest one.  For her age she came trained in a lot of ways.  She goes on the paper and when we go to give her a treat she sits down and waits.
Maximus, our Blue dane is the happiest of all.  He now has someone to play with because Harley, our Brindle dane is much older.
You can see in the pictures that all of them are best buddies already.  The pictures without our other danes were taken the same night we came home with Velvet and the ones with our other danes were taken the next day.
We would also like to thank you for staying in contact with us when the flight was delayed overnight.
We also had a friend who works for the airline which kept us informed of the exact departure from Cleveland and exact arrival in Toronto.  We saw the plane land.
Hope to hear from you in the very near future and we would be more than happy to recommend you to future buyers.
We will keep you posted on her progress.  She already went to the vet here and she is in perfect health.
Again, thank you for everything and for the lovery girl.
Danielle Gauthier & Pierre Guénette