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Dawn: Vasily and Uri

HI Joan!

Vasily has a very good stance.  Also, when he trots, he has the perfect dane gait.  His head is up, chest high, and his gait has NEVER been sloppy.  All feet step evenly and lightly and he prances beautifully.   His body doesn't even bounce or drop when he moves.

His ears were done by Dr. Cunio at the Sullivan Tri-County Veterinary Clinic.  He loves danes and has own strict views about who should own danes (if you ask).  I have been taking my danes there for their ears for years.  He always compliments me on the way they look and the care we give.  He is kind of partial to the breed.

Actually, I gave a girl who works there your e-mail address.  When the boys were in to get their ears done, she had her husband to come in and look at Vasily.  She has always wanted a blue and her husband had never seen one.  So I wondered if she contacted you or not.
Will try to get pics of Uri soon.



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